Changing Fluent Form recurring subscription text

When building SnippetClub, I wanted to change the subscription summary text under the membership plan.

Current output

Preferred output

At the time of writing this, there was no documented filter. (27/08/2022)

I went hunting in the source code to try and find something that would allow me to override the text. I managed to find the hook fluentform_recurring_payment_summary_texts

You can find all the cases below. Remove or change them to your liking.

/* * tct_recurring_text * * @function Changes recurring subscription text under payment plan * @author Taylor Drayson * @since 27/08/2022 * @link */ function tct_recurring_text($cases) { $cases['has_signup_fee'] = '{first_interval_total} for first {billing_interval} then {subscription_amount} for each {billing_interval}'; $cases['has_trial'] = 'Free for {trial_days} days then {subscription_amount} for each {billing_interval}'; $cases['onetime_only'] = 'One time payment of {first_interval_total}'; $cases['normal'] = '{subscription_amount} for each {billing_interval}'; $cases['bill_times'] = ', for {bill_times} installments'; $cases['single_trial'] = 'Free for {trial_days} days then {subscription_amount} one time'; return $cases; } add_filter( 'fluentform_recurring_payment_summary_texts', 'tct_recurring_text', 10, 2 );

Add the filter to your functions.php or code snippet plugin.

Hook Location

FluentFormPro\Payments\PaymentHelper.php -> getPaymentSummaryText()

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