Limit number of entries in Fluent Forms

A member in the Fluent Forms community wanted a way to limit each user to a max of 25 entries per form.

Below is a snippet you can use to limit based on the user’s email. Place this in functions.php or your code snippet plugin.

add_filter("fluentform_validate_input_item_input_email", function ($error, $field, $formData, $fields, $form) { $my_form_id = 1; // Replace with your Form ID $max_entries = 25; // Replace with max number of allowed entries if ($form->id != $my_form_id) { return $error; } $email = $formData['email']; // This is the name of your email field if (empty($email)) { return $error; } $max_entries = $max_entries + 1; $formApi = fluentFormApi("forms")->entryInstance($formId = $my_form_id); $atts = [ "per_page" => $max_entries, "search" => $email, "sort_by" => "DESC", "entry_type" => "all", ]; $entries = $formApi->entries($atts, $includeFormats = false); if( $entries['total'] >= $max_entries){ return ['You have reached the entry limit']; } return $error; },10,5);

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