Change GeneratePress slideout menu width


A SnippetClub member was looking for a way to change the width of the GeneratePress slideout menu. Thankfully, GeneratePress has a built-in filter we can use to override this.


Add the code below to functions.php or code snippet plugin.


 * Modifies the width of the slideout.
 * This function changes the default width of the slideout panel. The default width is 265px.
 * Make sure to include the units
 * @since 14/01/2024
 * @author Taylor Drayson
 * @param string $width The current width of the slideout, default is '265px'.
 * @return string The modified width of the slideout
function tct_slideout_width($width){
    return '300px';
add_filter('generate_slideout_width', 'tct_slideout_width', 10, 1);

You can return whatever width you want inside the function. The default size is 265px.

NOTE: Make sure you include the units for example px.

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