Creating a community map with Mapbox


I recently built a member map for The Admin Bar community members. This allows members of TAB to be able to submit their location (City, State, Country) and it would appear on a map. Visit Website

screenshot 2022 11 16 at 19.48.24

After lots of requests, I have written a tutorial on how I achieved this. I will try and break it down as simple as I can, so that it is understandable by everyone. I apologise if some parts seem simple to you; I wanted to explain it as best I could.

If you read all the way through and are still confused about where to start or implement this. You can hire me to build this for you. Please contact me here.


The original map I built was created with Fluent Forms and Advanced Custom Fields, and I have also converted the code to work with both Gravity Forms and Metabox as I know they are very popular. For integrations with other plugins, please contact me.

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