Populate ACF dropdown with Fluent forms

A user in the Fluent Form Facebook group wanted to dynamically populate all Fluent Forms to an ACF field dropdown so that they could choose which form to render on their template dynamically.

if (!function_exists("tct_select_fluent_form")) { add_filter( "acf/load_field/name=YOUR_ACF_FIELD", "tct_select_fluent_form" ); function tct_select_fluent_form($field) { // reset choices $field["choices"] = []; $formApi = fluentFormApi("forms"); $atts = [ "status" => "all", "sort_column" => "title", "sort_by" => "ASC", "per_page" => 500, ]; $forms = $formApi->forms($atts, $withFields = false); foreach ($forms["data"] as $form) { $field["choices"][$form->id] = $form->title; } return $field; } }


Replace YOUR_ACF_FIELD with the name of your acf select dropdown key

Forms will load sorted by Title in ASC order (A to Z)

Add snippet to functions.php or a code snippets plugin



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